Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The future....

I bought a Daily Telegraph the other day. It was the first hard news that I had read for some while. As I was reading it, feeling the paper in my hands it struck me just how much news is around us all the time. There is 24 hour news on Sky, you can even get Fox news from NYC. There is the news on the Internet, not updated as fast as it could be sometimes. So what is the future for printed papers ?. It cannot be long before everyone has access to a computer and broadband. What would be the point of delivering the rolls of paper to the presses and then printing and taking them to the newsagents ?. When a front page can be changed in minutes and be all around the world, it makes sense to have an electric paper. You can have reporters in every town in the world, not just cities. Photographers can snap and the pictures are there in seconds. And there would be no offices as such as everyone could work from home. I think that I will look into this some more, and think up a name for my new voice of the people. I quite like 'The Electric Globe". If you want to read about the real days of newspaers read here at Dumdad's. He started when they still used typewriters and wore those little visors over their eyes. And he worked in Fleet Street when it was the home of newspapers. And try here for a newspaper near you.

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