Wednesday, 12 December 2007

I wonder..........

I was walking home down King's Road last night.
At the junction of Oakley Street opposite the fire
station there is a yellow police board. On it is
printed 'Fatal collision 24th Nov 12.55pm'.

A lady was walking along the pavement on her way to
get on a bus, when a Porsche mounted the pavement and
crushed her between it and some iron railings.

She died very soon after. She was planning on flying home
to see her daughter for the first time in three years on
the 14th Dec. Now she is dead. I wondered last night as
I walked,if we knew when we were going to die,would we live
our lives in a different way ?. Take more risks ?. Tell people
what we really think of them ?. Not waste time worring about
things that turn out not to be worth worrying about.

That lady dying that day has made me think,that we are lucky
for every day that our name does not appear on that list.

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