Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Hard times....

Wendy has been here in Fulham a while now.
It has not been an easy time for her. The flat
has been a mess and there has been a trail of people
coming through,with a view to purchase. None have.
We watch the news,and listen as they say that property
prices are falling. A crash is due. We smile and say,
not here,we are ok. We were going to change agents to see
if they could do better. But as the flat went on with the
present agents before the introduction of HIPS packs
I did not have to pay. Now I would have to pay for the pack and
the new leases to go in it. I was going to have the leases done
when I sell. Only having to do it once. So I have lowered the price
by £15.000. And crossed my fingers.

Through all this Wendy has been a treasure. She misses the boys
hugely. I listen to her on the phone and wish we could be closer to them
so she could see them and give them a cuddle. She is going back at the end
of the month for just a weekend as the plan that was in place went a little
pear shaped. Wendy will have to hire a car and rent a gite.
Something we were not counting on.
What has made me proud of Wendy is that she has got a job
writing on the internet. I will let her tell you more if she so wishes.
Wendy is a fantastic writer,her words dance off the page. You are left always
wanting more. I tell her to start writing a book, I think she will soon.
It is nice having Wendy here in Fulham. I just hope that we can move to France
soon. Then life will really be fantastic.

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