Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Started thinking.......

I read on the blog of Z about the visit of the King of Saudia Arabia.
It got me to thinking just how goverments turn a blind eye to what
happens in certain countries,when needs must.
Or should that be greeds must.

I read this article in the Independent. It just makes the jaw drop.

We already have had Ken Livingston saying that the people murdered in Tiananmen Square
were the same as the riots that took place in the 18th Century in Trafalgar Square.
Any research will find that he is talking crap.

This he said on a visit to China to view the site for the Olympic games.
The human rights record of China forgotten, the people in labour camps erased
from memory. A country that executes people on a daily basis.
People are shot in the back of the head, and then their family are sent
a bill for the bullet.
And their organs are sold for transplant to wealthy westerners. The goverment
even do the cross matching of blood to see what prisoner's kidneys are the best
match for the millonaire banker in the west. There is an agency for this very purpose.
But this is all over looked. Because of greed. We must not upset the goverments
of these countries as their are considered the players of the future.

But we do invade Iraq. They after all have oil wells.
I read that Saddam sent a message to Bush that he would pack up and leave his
country for one billion dollars.
This offer was rejected. And we hooked into a war that has cost hundreds
of young soldiers lives and hundreds of thousands of civilians.

And hundreds of billions of dollars and pounds.

And there is no sight of an end.

I won't be going up to see the King. The sooner he leaves the better.
But no doubt lots of contracts will be signed,so that's ok then.

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