Tuesday, 16 October 2007

I was not...

I was not going out today as I have been alitte
under the weather. But as Wendy had gone out on
one of her marathon walks,I decided to have a
stroll. I walked down to the where the King's Road
has been closed for two days due to a gas leak.
I arrived there and had a look down the hole,and at
all the cars and buses trying to get up little side
roads. So with my mission complete I turn on my heel
and start for home.

I am wandering along and my eye turned to the pavement
on the other side of the road. There, I see a friend that
I have not seen for around four years. We lost touch.

I crossed the road,he was in animated conversation with
someone next to him. I tapped him on the shoulder,and he
turned around. There were hugs,he is Italian. It was very
good to catch up with him again. We chatted for about an
hour. Most important we exchanged mobile numbers again.

As we parted we made a plan to meet next week for a pizza
and catch up properly.

It was a good decision to go out today.

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