Thursday, 13 September 2007

What a mess............

Well well foot and mouth is back in Surrey.
It has been proved that the first outbreak
came from a goverment lab,it was in their drains.
No one has been fired,there is no need in the modern
England. People just keep their head down for a while
until something else comes along and the press and the
people latch onto that.

It is the same in politics. We are lead into a war by
a person telling us lies. Now he has gone off to
negotiate a huge book deal,as did his henchman Campbell.

There are no consequences.

Peter Mandelson lies to get a mortgage,resigns. Keeps
his head down,gets another cabinet job. Does another dodgy
deal about some passports,resigns. Keeps his head down and
gets a plum job at the EU. John Prescott is set to do the
same,a man who has done nothing except get caught screwing
on our time in his office, will end up with a job that pays
over £100.000 a year and a very nice pension.

It sucks..................

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