Tuesday, 25 September 2007

A great guy....

A few years ago I saw a guy on the tv. His name is
Neil Crofts. He used to be in advertising,but got
disenchanted. So he made a plan to become authentic.
To be honest and happy in his life. The idea has now
mushroomed into a whole business. He has writen three
books and runs courses in his new home on Mallorca.

Every Monday he sends out an e mail to give a little
inspiration for the start of the week. It has lifted me
on numerous occassions.

Here is a copy of yesterdays.

Fear and Happiness.
It is a frustrating irony, but very often in life we have to confront our fears if we want what will truly make us happy.

Every day we have opportunities where we face the choice of overcoming our fears or being overcome by them. Whether it is simply getting up the courage to talk to someone, or making a big life change.

For the big ones we may even come up with elaborate rationales for inaction that are supremely plausible, to ourselves and others, but actually amount to no more than excuses.

Like many things in life fear can be overcome, with a little understanding and some practice. The first thing to understand is that not all fears are equal, there are three basic types of fear:

1 - Useful - Useful fears are the ones that protect us from danger or from doing something really stupid.

2 - Limiting - Limiting fears are very similar to useful fears except that instead of protecting us they hold us back.

3 - Someone else's - Someone else's fear is just that - a fear that we have borrowed from someone else. It may feel very similar to useful or limiting fear, the trouble is that it is just not ours.

Most of the fear we experience are types 2 and 3 and with a little practice and discipline we can begin to tell them from one another. As soon as you feel the fear rising inside check which one it is. If it is useful fear then step back - if not keep moving forward until it is.

Fear is an emotion. Emotions are our bodies way of communicating with our mind. Emotions connect to our intuition and our intuition is the inherited wisdom of our ancestors encoded in our DNA.

Whenever we feel sad, happy, angry or afraid it is just a piece of communication letting us know if we are heading in the right direction. Once we can interpret our intuition and our emotions accurately we can use them as an energetic compass to guide us.

Our intuition is not a substitute for rational thought, it is a complement to it. To truly connect with our intuition we must create some peace in our lives so that there is space to listen and hear what it is saying. The next challenge is to interpret it accurately and then to act on it. It is probably a lifetimes journey to learn to do this 100%, but this is the journey to happiness, fulfilment and meaning.

Happiness is a choice.

with love


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