Monday, 27 August 2007

South of France

Tomorrow Wendy and I leave for the South of France.
We are looking forward to it very much. We are going
to try and take a scenic route and see some sights.
I drove over here last Thurday,and there was a wobble
on my wheels the whole journey. We took the car to a garage
here and it turns out that all the wheels were not balanced.
I took it into a garage in Fulham before I left to have the brakes
done,and for some reason they must have taken all the weights off.
Morons. Still it is better now,Vive La France !.

Once we have had a look around down near Montpellier,we will head
up to St Malo and get the slow boat back to England.
With some St Emillion on board of course.

Once in Fulham the fun begins,there is so much I want to share
with Wendy,hot donuts in Harrod's,pubs by the river.
And not to forget a nice pot of white eggshell.

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