Thursday, 16 August 2007

see you again.......

I was walking back home today after dropping
my car off at the garage to have the brakes
and oil checked before I head off to France
to collect Wendy. As I was going down Wandsworth
Bridge Road, I walked past a hairdressers. My mind
raced back to the time my Grandfather went in there
to have his haircut. He never used to have anything fancy
just a short back and sides. When he came to pay the
man said £4.50 ( this was a while ago ). My Grandfather
said" It's pensioners day, so that's half price right?".
The man replied "No tomorrow is pensioners day, that's
£4.50. As he said it he pointed to the sign in the window.
My grandfather had misread it. So he paid the money.
As he was leaving the man said " See you again Sir".
My Grandfather turned as he got to the door and said
"Through the F**king window,you will".
I smiled as I walked away.

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