Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Piano tuning.........

This is true.
It was a sunny hot morning when I arrived at my
bosse's flat to let the piano tuner in.
As you might know piano tuners are generally
blind, as the hearing becomes more acute.

He was in his early thirties and smartly dressed.
I showed him to the piano, and asked if he needed
anything,he said "no". My boss could only play the
woodchoppers ball on the piano,but he still had a
baby grand. It was so funny as it had the sheet music
for the woodchoppers ball on the music stand.

I left the tuner to his work. I heard him lift the lid
and start tuning. I sat on the sofa and read a magazine.
Plink plink,plonk plonk he went on and on.

After about twenty minutes he stopped. Just as there was
this lull,the phone rang. I answered it. It was my boss
yelling down the phone"There is a bottle in the piano,
you must get it. Don't what ever you do drink from it.
It is Amyl_nitrite.Don't open the bottle !".
As I put the phone down and entered the room, there was
the tuner with a bitter lemon bottle in his hand.
He sensed my presence and said"I found ths bottle, it
happens all the time. People put them inside at partys".
With this he unscrewed the lid and took a huge sniff.
His mood changed almost straight away. He started to giggle
as I snatched the bottle from him. He carried on tuning the
piano, but it sounded strange. He called for me about ten
minutes later,and said he had to dash to the post office.
The last I saw he was weaving down the road with his stick
with a huge smile on his face.

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