Saturday, 9 June 2007

What a day...............

What a day yesterday was. A rollercoaster.

It started for me at the unearthly hour of a quarter to six. Getting up at this hour was fine when I was away at school but that was a little while ago......well, a long while a go.We left for Sussex at seven. The weather was stormy on the way down and we were gloomy that it would spoil the day.

But as we drove into Eastbourne the sun broke through and the birds started to sing.
We made our way to the church. Chris's father had arranged that the family could park at another church's car park, but when we arrived they were resurfacing it. So all off to Waitrose to use their car park. There were about twenty people all dressed for a funeral waiting for the lift, so odd looks were received.

Then into the store and one of my Aunts said we must all buy something in case they make a fuss. So everyone picked up Polos and TicTacs and queued.It was like a Carry On film.

We walked to the church passing groups of people in black outside the pubs having coffee, and I thought there are quite a few people here. When we arrived at the church and went in, it was full.

We made our way to the family pews and sat down. It was a humbling thing to think that all these people had come to say goodbye to Chris. He came into the church to the Rod Stewart song "You're in my heart".....and left to "Leaving On A Jet Plane". His choices. In the end there were over eight hundred people at the church.

Then off to a lovely church yard where Chris was laid to rest. There was a party after, at a hotel,
hog roasts and free bar. It was just Chris's birthday party on a different day. He would have loved it. We will all miss darling Chris.

Then from there it was to the station to take a train to Luton airport, and a much delayed flight out to see Wendy. It was great to finally walk out and see her there. A long day but a one that will stay with me till I die.

I would like to think that the same amount of people would come to see me off.

I doubt it..........

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