Sunday, 17 June 2007

My Grandad.

My Grandad is the one on the right in the back row.
His name was William Hills. He was known to everyone as "Billy".
He was a cockney through to his bones. He lost an eye in
a factory accident and could not go to fight in the war. He spent that
time as a fireman,which was quite horrific as he knew most of the
people he was digging out after an air raid. After the war he had
a number of jobs one was that he drove around a van with a
a large bottle of Windolene on the back.
Inside the bottle was my Auntie Vi polishing away.
Then he drove around a large bottle of Guinness.
This I think he would have liked, as not a day passed that he did
not have two pints of the black nectar.
He had a lot of saying, my favourite one was " If brains were dynamite
you would not have enough to blow your hat off". And when seeing a
person whose trousers were to short he would say
"Why don't you spread some jam on your shoes, and invite your
trousers down for tea?". They don't make em like Billy anymore.
The picture was taken about six hundred metres from where I am sitting now.
It was the wedding of my Auntie Queen to Uncle Jim on the 4th August 1939.
The back row L -R Jim snr Jim Jim Fred Bill. Front row
L-R Jim John unknown.

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