Monday, 25 June 2007

Living on past glory........

Anyone who knows me, will tell you I love England.
But I am afraid that my attentions are being lured
elsewhere.Wendy and I went to Zurich for the weekend.
I wrote a few days ago about community in the little
villages around where Wendy lives. Now the new topic
for my soap box is the difference in Swiss railways
and ours. I know this is not a new rant, many people
before me have raised it. I was totally blown away by
the stations the trains and the service. The trains
have an upstairs, how cool is that ?. Everyone gets a
seat. Not like the 7.25 from Brighton to Victoria.
Zurich station is fantastic. Not one piece of litter.
Signs and departure boards that make sense. My question
is "Why can't we have a rail system like this?".
Just how hard can it be ?. Why when I get on the train
at Luton airport, will the seats be ripped, the floor
full of rubbish and the windows all scratched ?.
It is not cheap,eleven pounds for a thirty minute trip.
I know that it is the mind set of a small portion of
people who use the trains that ruin them for everyone
else, but how do we claim back, not only our trains, but
our quality of life?.I never ever thought that I would
say it"But I am getting fed up with England".

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