Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Food glorious food

As the late great Lionel Bart wrote...... I have been tagged by Wendz
to write about foods of my region.As I am from London, this has got
me to thinking.What could be classed as food from my region ?.
Fish and Chips, Pie and mash ?. Roast beef and vegetables, what ?.
I think that throughout history London has had many dishes but they
have disappeared from the menus. There were SPO's which
stood for Sausage Potatoes and Onions. These were shops that only
sold this dish all day long. They have gone.
There were pie houses where you could eat all manner
of pies, with all sorts of fillings. Sweeny Todd take a bow.

But now London is a wash with burger bars, curry houses and
kebab shops. They have become London food.
There is still one bastion that has held on, which is pie
and mash. Pies that come with this dish are not normal pies.
They contain only minced Scottish beef and are steam cooked and
then browned in the oven. The mash is not smooth but is rough
and must have some lumps.

The gravy which is called liquor is parsley sauce with added
juices from stewing the eels which are traditionally eaten with this dish.
I have never been able to manage them, much to the shame of my
Father. There were pie and mash shops every where you went.
We used to go swimming on Saturday morning at the public baths
and then towel rolled under arm down to the p & m shop.
They have all closed now. When I yearn for it I have to go to
Tower Bridge Road to Manze's. There since 1892.
Double pie double mash - double double...aaahh heaven.
You can keep Gordon Ramsay.

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