Thursday, 14 June 2007


Since I have been spending time in France, I have noticed
that there is a great sense of community. Something that
may have slipped away from us here. Every little village
has it's own town hall, and of course a mayor.
Which could be why all the villages are in such fine order.
There is no litter, very few "tags" and where there are some
they look like the were done by ten year olds.
We passed a group of people yesterday planting flowers in
the flower beds in the middle of the road. The difference
with these plants and ones planted here, are the French ones
will still be in today. Perhaps this is what has happened
that there is still some pride left in the people of France.
I live in Fulham which is in the centre of London, and there
used to be real pride in the area. It is a rich area now but
was once poor,but people in those days used to wash their
front steps everyday.They looked after each other when someone
was ill in the family. Now days people don't even know who
lives next door, let alone if they are ill or not.
Anyway enough moaning, below is a picture of the table at lunch
yesterday in Strasbourg....the big glass is Wendy's.

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