Tuesday, 8 May 2007

An english bank holiday.

I went down to Sussex on Saturday for the weekend. I was looking forward to it, as this weekend in Hastings there is a parade
called "Jack in the green". Fertilty and something to do with chimney sweeps. They all paint their faces green and dance around being happy. It is very nice to watch if you get a nice spot outside The Trader pub and have a good passage to the bar. But alas when I awoke on the day of the parade it was raining stair rods and the trees were rocking. It was decided that a large breakfast would be had and then see how the weather was....... It stopped raining but the wind howled. Wrapped up like it was November and not May the party left and went into town, we were too late for the parade, a slight hitch on the timing front. Anyway on the same day there is a motorcycle meeting on the prom. About 10.000 bikes all parked by the sea. So that was fun. Then to the chip shop for some lovely chips cooked in dripping with a wally. Slept like a log with all that sea air........and heineken.
I think I did very well a whole post and not one mention of tiles...........


Wendz said...

Chips with a wally? Come again? The only wally's I know are of the male variety. Worried about you Martin.

martin said...

Wally is a cockney name for a gerkin, baby cucumber to a girl of your class...... shirley all males are not wallys ?.