Friday, 13 April 2007


There has been a slight lull in posting in the world of blog. There are many many reasons, plasterers, electricians. And of course a brain that has been in reverse. It is strange that I felt bad about not putting anything out, as if I was letting the side down.
Anyway here I am and here it is. Now what to write about ?. The weather has been nice. I went down to Sussex for the weekend and had a very nice time. I cannot wait to live there now, leaving the beach to come home is such a pain. How wonderful it will be to be able to stay there and watch all DFL's ( down from London ) head off in their cars. I will just open another bottle of chilled wine and throw another prawn on the barbie. Heaven. Life is set for change in the coming months which is quite exciting
a new chapter. New home, new business, new pants it will be a buzz. If I have enough money left I have decided that I will go to LA to buy a new motorcycle and ship it back. A sort of final fling before I can't get off one at the petrol station without the help of a young person........... I should get two more summers*sigh*. Anyway back to the real world. The dust and banging. Kinky.

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