Monday, 19 March 2007

Woman's Constancy

Now thou hast lov'd me one whole day,
To morrow when thou leav'st me,what wilt thou say?
Wilt thou then Antedate some new made vow?
Or say that now
We are not just those persons,which we were?
Or,that oathes made in reverentiall feare
Of Love,and his wrath,any may forsweare?
Or,as true deaths,true maryages untie,
So lovers contracts,images of those,
Binde but till sleep,deaths image,then unloose?
Or,your owne end to justifie,
For having purpos'd change,and falsehood to be true?
Vaine lunatique,against thes scapes I could
Dispute,and conquer,if I would,
Which I abstaine to doe,
For by to morrow, I may thinke so too.


Wendz said...

Funny how they spoke in those days - it's like deciphering an ancient and forgotten language.

But yeah - Donne was quite good. ;)

martin said...

Yes it is like an old language, well one from about 1590......... he was QUITE good for a chap who wrote with a feather....... kinky beast.