Monday, 5 March 2007

Will I miss London ?.

I went to The Tate Modern on Saturday. And the thought crossed my mind, as my main aim is to move to the coast, will I miss London ?. The crowds the hustle and bustle, the history. I love the constantly changing face of London. I was born here, St George's hospital, which is now The Lanesborough Hotel, Hyde Park Corner. I suppose that's where my love comes from. My first breath was real London air. What you would call posh air, although my family were far from posh. So I have had a love of London all my life. The markets at Petticoat Lane and Brick Lane where my Dad used to take me as a boy, an orange and a packet of crisps outside the pub while he had a pint or two inside. You don't see that much anymore, kids outside pubs. So the answer to my own question is yes, I will miss London. But then it will only be a train ride away. By the way the show at The Tate was Gilbert & George, always worth a laugh. Then you come out of the gallery and look across the Thames and there is St Paul's.
Now that's what I call art !.


Imperatrix said...

Hello! I have to say, my entire life has been a see-saw of "Do I or don't I" love the city. I grew up near New York, and so always said that I needed to be near the big city, because there's so much offered intellectually, creatively, etc., from a big city.

But really, the quiet of a smaller, less urban environment is so peaceful for the soul.

You're planning to move to the coast? That's fabulous! My dream would be to live on a craggy beach (think, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"), because I love beaches in winter.

martin said...

My main worry is that I will miss the galleries and being able to pop into the British Museum to see the mummies !. I am moving to a little town on the south coast of England. Very quite but it has a nice organic cafe on the high street and a cinema that only opens at weekends, you can even choose the film !. So fingers crossed it all goes to plan.